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A reference to a flamer, or homosexual. A flamestacker is different from a flamer since they actually stack flames, meaning that they create homosexuals as well as being one. They are the scouts for converting straight and bisexuals to full-blown homosexuals. They are the zenith of homosexuals.
Diesel: "Dude, Devin is such a flamestacker. Look at him over there trying to stack those guys over there."

Chimptits: "Uhhh, yea, thats some gross ass shit. I knew he was gay, but i didnt know he was a flamestacker too!"
by Gogs Mena April 11, 2008

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an acronym used to as a quick comeback. It stands for "Your Mom Adores Cock". Many people have never heard of it, but it is quickly making its way around in the lingo of everyday teenagers. Also, it isn't spelled out when said, "Y-M-A-C", instead it is used as a single word with the "Y" kept out, "Y-MAC".
Mike: "you fucking blow"

Hawk: "Oh yea? Well, YMAC bitch!"
by Gogs Mena March 25, 2008

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The act of utilizing Flarp around a public location, such as a store or supermarket. The sound that Flarp makes can be performed numerous ways, very creative ways, in order to confuse any pedestrian. Flarping is a soon-to-be art form that includes three crucial pieces: the sound, the execution of the act, and the response/reaction of the victim.
Mike: "Hey Hunt, what are you doing this weekend?"

Hunt: "I'm going flarping with the guys. wanna come with us?"

Mike: "Fuck yea! I was hoping you would ask! This means a lot to me bro!"
by Gogs Mena March 31, 2008

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the term "gogs" is used as a reference to any person that has any type of glasses or visual gear. It is usually yelled as a quick statement with the purpose of diminishing the person's security, therefore causing them to feel insecure about their eye wear.
Gary: "Haha, look at devin! He has some gogs on today!"

Jeremy: "What a flamestacker, he hella crams. Those gogs look like something james worthy used to wear!"
by Gogs Mena April 10, 2008

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