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The white equivalent of a nigga monent.
Cathie Black had a cracka moment when she said birth control can stop the tide of growing class sizes.
by God's Made Man February 04, 2011

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n. This is an Israelite reference to a potential convert.
Yo the man don't eat pork, he got his beard, and he hate Esau. I think he can be taught.
by God's Made Man July 16, 2010

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n. In Hebrew Israelite terminology, this means to be in full dress, ready to teach the Lord's word. We are not Power Rangers, Mortal Kombat characters, or Ninja Turtles. We are the servants of God following His dress code. No one has anything to say to them niggas with tight jeans hangin' off their asses. Japanese wear kimonos, E. Indian women wear saris, Muslims wear their garments and no one says any thing. But dumb-ass niggas got the audacity to make fun of us in our garments. Let'em burn in nuclear fire.
Text message reads as follows: "Yo ahch I'm all girded up and ready 2 go. Hit me w/ur status."
by God's Made Man December 04, 2010

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n.- A Hebrew Israelite reference to Hispanics. Comes from the scriptures in the Apocrypha that tells of these people leaving the Assyrian captivity and coming to the Western Hemisphere. Also when Christ said he had sheep not of this fold, these were the people he was refering to.
Spanish has a different spirit from Spaniard Edomites speaking it and when ten tribes speak it.
by God's Made Man September 24, 2010

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n.- Origin Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance. Only individuals trained in two or more martial arts can do this. This is the practice of switching styles during a fight.
We was at camp and had to deal wit' some dumb-ass Blood niggas. I did a style branch from tae kwon do to the 52's.
by God's Made Man April 22, 2011

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n.- A very good wine imported from Australia. Also, an attractive light-skinned black woman. Cases in point Tisha Campbell, LisaRaye McCoy, and Raven Symone.
Yellow Tail is not a pause. It's light-skinned eve with a fat ass.
by God's Made Man September 24, 2010

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