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Cutting yourself falls under the category of self harm. It is widely known in the world, yet not. People relate it to emo people, suicide, but to really understand cutting you have to learn what it is. Cutting is a sole thing, it is done alone, and most people who cut hide it. 1 in every 10 people in the UK cut themselves, yet 1 in every 20 are known.

Cutting is a way of relief, of control, feeling alive, a rush. There are so many things it is. It is a bad thing...but not something to be looked down upon. People cut their legs, wrists, ankles, mostly inside cloth lines. They end up hiding it continually, wearing sweaters, lots of bracelets, long pants, tall socks, anything to cover.

It is an addictive behavior. Once started it could be hard to stop. It is a sensative thing to talk about, many cutters are ashamed of cutting, and talking about it is uneasy.

JUST KNOW: it is a bad thing to do, but don't hate the people who do it. They are just trying to cope, and you can do better by helping them and not attacking them on being a cutter.
Are you cutting yourself?
by Girl Cutter January 23, 2011

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