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thinks he/she lives in a episode of skins. has a laugh and does so many drugs/drinks so much they cant remember theyr name let alone why the fuck theyr in a rave in camden...like a normal kid but set on fire, they'l blaze through life and do everything better and more multicoloured, on top of the world but will eventualy burn themself out. totally impossible to talk to when you need to get them to listen.everyone knows who she/he is but she/he doesnt actualy KNOW any of them really.
yo that peely is a hoxton hero and a half... he doesnt even know most of his top friends! bloody infamous that guy... what a rave kid-skinabe. Did you hear he has a party every night...not like he can remember any of them lolz.
by Geogyyy2 September 22, 2008
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