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It's similar to the word good, but is used by alpha males to show they have a wider, richer vocabulary and know how to speak and type properly. Although it is pronounced quite similarly to good, it has a sound that sounds like an oo sound (from good) mixed with a u sound, and once written and pronounced correctly, proves that the user of the word has an iq of greater than a billion.
Phil: Wanna get drinks later, fred.
Fred: Yeh, sounds güd
by Geesus Khrist Da Loord April 14, 2019

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This is the name of an annoying little prick, who thinks he's hard. He will most likely piss you off all the time and is a sensitive bitch boy. He thinks he is hard but is hilariously weak and stupid, and when triggered he will flail around on the floor in some effort of kicking you.
Bob: Who's that short kid annoying everyone
Dave: I don't know but he's a real Joe Revans
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by Geesus Khrist Da Loord April 16, 2019

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