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I'm sure you already know what this term means, maybe even from experience. If not, it is the Safety Pinned Patches on Overwhelmingly Dark Clothing look, also called emo or goth, but usually lacks originality. This doesn't make a person bad or stupid, but their energy would be better spent distinguishing themselves through some remarkable contribution rather than just violating popular conventions with an attitude.
S.I.N.C. "Why Bother?"

Me: "Why not?"
by Garrrr! February 05, 2005
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A business' excuse to deny you the benefits that your union dues are supposed to grant you for a stipulated period of time on the grounds that 'your dependability as an employee and union member have not yet been confirmed. Ha ha ha.'

The usual probation period lasts for three months, coinciding perfectly with the average student's summer break. Expect to be assigned huge overtime hours during this period.
"Why did I spend all of Independance Day bagging groceries for my surly fellow Americans but only have forty dollars to show for it? What about time-and-a-half?"

"Silly kid. That's what probation is for!"
by Garrrr! February 05, 2005
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