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When someone, typically a teenage girl, tells lies about themselves (or blows stuff way out of proportion) on stuff such as their online profile, in order to feel special and to gain attention. Special Snowflake Syndrome is a form of attention whore. Sites such as Tumblr are heavily populated with these morons, most of whom are either social justice warriors, weeaboos, or both. Many of them claim to have "self-diagnosed PTSD" or bipolar disorder, or sometimes even claim to have been raped or abused. They will bitch at you if you call them out on their childish behavior.
I was on one of my favorite tags on Tumblr, when I stumbled upon someone with Special Snowflake Syndrome. I sent her a message telling her to stop trying to gain attention, only for her to start bitching at me for "oppressing" her. Upon further inspection of her blog, I found out that she claimed to have self-diagnosed PTSD, and that she was apparently a plantkin, with her preferred pronouns being "leaf/roseself". Her blog posts consisted of stuff like "I started cutting again!111" with pictures of her wrists with red pen marks all over them, and "a man looked at me, so that's OBVIOUSLY rape!!!11".
by Gareki September 20, 2014

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Definitely homo.
"No homo," my best friend said after he made out with me.
by Gareki December 30, 2014

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It means 'idiot' in Japanese. Refer to .
Weeaboos love to use the word 'baka' in their sentences, which consist of mangled Japanese.
by Gareki September 21, 2014

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Anyone who's ever heard of anime.
"Anime is for weeaboos," he said, as he sat down on his bed to watch K-On! on his laptop while wearing a Naruto t-shirt.
by Gareki March 09, 2015

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