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1) That short little hobbit with an ambiguously questonable straightness, and an even more abiguously questionable relationship with Samwise Bangme (whoops, typo, meant Samwise GAMGEE).

2) A name for anyone short. Used in The Longest Yard.
1) Excerpt from his cell phone calls to his friends:
No Samwise Bangme, I don't want the pants, I want you!....
Ugh, your not getting it, I don't pay you to be my gardener for nothing, I have a giant bush that needs trimming, and I'm not talking about the one in my garden. Yes I AM talking about the one in my pants.

2) Hey Frodo, can you hold my beer for me? (backs up into the cop's car) Don't worry, you can keep that one, I got 5 more right here (pulls out 6 pack of beer, waves it in cop's face, then drives away).
by Frodo's a sexy beast May 03, 2006
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