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A small independent boarding school in Bethlehem, Ct, fashioned after the fascist ideology of Nazi Germany. Utilizing the concept of one thought, and one truth, the students are taught (often with force) to believe that the school is always right, and that to differ in opinion from it is to be punished. The students either conform to the ideology and thus perpetuate its existance, or rebel against it (usually in non-violent means) and are harshly punished.

The school wraps semi-related altruistic causes behind everything it wants its students to adhere too, and in that often acutely warps the general student body's idea of right, possibly forever.

The school contains various sorts of students, mainly consisting of: Egotists, Socially Awkward Persons, Nerds, Loud Mouthed Attention Whores, and the occasional reasonable student, who will with time, fall into one of the other categories.

The school has groups called "Communication Groups" where the students meet supposedly to better learn to express their feelings, however this generally turns into a whine-fest, or a screaming match between two parties, often a student and a teacher. These groups are claimed to be non-therapeutic however they are in all regards minus the presence of a therapist.
Student 1: "Hey man, I got screamed at for having a piece of bacon on my plate"

Student 2: "Thats The Woodhall School for ya"

Carl Siefried: "The reason you cant go on sickbed for violently puking every thirty minutes, is that when you are in a job 20 years from now, you cant do that"

Committee Chair: "So tell us why you felt the need to sing in the hallways"

Student: "Well I felt it would make my day better and cheer me up a bit if I did"

Teacher: "(interrupting) Thats a deflection! that makes you sound as if you are doing nothing wrong!"
by Freethink June 15, 2011

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