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2 definitions by Freckenhaagen

A sexual act performed by shaving the female specimans hair off then proceeding to jaz'm (see definition) onto her freshly shaved scalp, coating the entire skull. Next, you squat a spot over top of her gleaming dome and proceed to shave your rancid pubic hair onto her head, sprinkling in such a fashion that is resembles a Dustin Diamond aka. Screech's hairstyle.
"Dude, Rolo Tony's girlfriend actually asked me to give her a Dustin Diamond. I couldn't refuse."
by Freckenhaagen July 18, 2008
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To release copious amount of semen during ejaculation onto ones body
"Dude, I totally Jazm'd on Cindy's grill Saturday night, she could barely see!"
by Freckenhaagen July 18, 2008
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