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a person who enjoys things such as, but not limited to: Indiana Jones hats, animal ears or tails, trench coats, stage crafts, star wars stuff, knee high dockers, fishnet arm sleeves, fantasy figurines, anime, nightmare before christmas paraphanalia, the WOW, all black outfits, the Sci-Fi Channel, excessive video gaming, capes, skeletal clothing and partially neon colored hair streaks.
generally a person who is socially awkward and doesn't know it and is convinced all the previously mentioned items are cool because they cant find then at Hot Topic.
You may find them laying on the grass near the drama room or the art department.
"My RA was playing WOW for 5 days straight, he's so freakin Krusty"

"Hey, are you gonna sign up for stage crew?"
"Dude.. you're Krusty"

"Last night I walked by Hot Topic.. talk about Krustville"
by Frankie Lafond February 20, 2007

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