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A Bee-Fly-Wasp is a creature found in Nebraska City, Nebraska. It's an insect that has the body structure and flys like a wasp. The Bee-Fly-Wasp has wings like a everyday house fly, but tend to be bigger. The Tail of this insect is is similar to a bee. The Bee-Fly-Wasp flys around pools, camps, likes to go inside cabins, and can be seen roaming around any porn studio of Nebraska City, Nebraska. The creature is about as big as half a regular sized pinky finger. Beware of Bee-Fly-Wasps if you head down to Nebraska City, Nebraska. You don't know where they could be lurking!

-Term Created at Camp Woodmen 2009
Look out for the Bee-Fly-Wasp!!!
by Founders of the Bee-Fly-Wasp July 26, 2009

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