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A new take on the word ownage/pwnage. This word is used to describe spawn owning/pwning somebody in a video game immediately after they spawn (much like a spawn kill) However, in order for it to spwnage the person must be completely demolished (e.g. killed using an explosive).

This is probably best noted while playing the game mode Search and Destroy on Modern Warfare 2. Players, known as spwners, have the spawn locations on every map memorized. These spwners fire off all rounds of noob tube/thumper/AT4-HS at the opposing teams spawn in order to kill as many of them possible. Most spwners will use a combination of the perks One Man Army and Danger Close in order to maximize their killing potential. However, One Man Army replaces their secondary weapon, so some prefer to use Sleight of Hands so they can use an explosive secondary as well as fire off their shots at a much faster rate.

Usually after dying from a spwner the player will yell and swear and accuse the creators of Modern Warfare 2 that their game is inbalanced and stupid.
Last night I did terrible on Modern Warefare 2. I was playing search and destroy and round after round I just kept dying from the Spwnage. There was nothing i could do about it too. I even tried switching to blast shield but it didn't help there was just too many rounds of noob tubing.
by Forever-Young- May 21, 2010
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