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An internet article concerning a person's personal life, offering repetitive complaints (usually referring to alleged 'small minded town' life) and mundane happenings.

Author (usually male) will often claim to be better than and/or dragged down by his surroundings, while throwing around the word 'belief' , name checking health foodstuffs and droning about unsatisfatory and mundane romances.

Despite the repetitive moanings that make up the Glenny-Blog, readers will often find themselves extremely excited by news of publication,in a similar fashion that one might find themselves flicking through a tabloid magazine.
'Did you hear that he published a new GLENNY BLOG?'

'This Glenny-Blog is so darn depressing. Amazing!'

'Send me the link to that Glenny-Blog where he caught Lucy in the utility room kissing his best friend!'
by Flower Buster March 17, 2008

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