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A primal korean scream generally shouted both preceeding and during sexual intercourse. This squeal of excitement, usually precedes the traditional zimbabwaen ritual of giving a simba, in which the male uses their index finger to wipe man juice on the girls forehead whilst saying the word "Simba" repeatedly. The scream itself is usually shouted in an intolerably high pitched voice alongside other extremely annoying phrases such as "I heart you". After intercourse involving the "chan chan chant", the female participant often doesnt emerge the next day until late evening, however usually enters the public domain aglow. Once the male participant recieves the "chan chan chant" he can safely acknowledge his status within the lion-kingdom, and is only required to take the female to the occasional meal-out in order to acquire daily, if not twice-daily, sex.
"Oh chan chan, give me that simba!!"

"I heart you chan chan!!"
by Fat Sarah May 05, 2009
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