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An apparently large (yes, there is a pun intended) group of fat folks who seem to think that there is nothing wrong with allowing your body to become a literal vessel of lard.

According to their website, they are completely against weight loss drugs (which is understandable under certain societal circumstances; for instance, the "need to be thin", yet is a complete health hazard to the fat folks that determine that they do not wish to live by the NAAFA creed and decide to lose weight), the Presidents Council on Physical Fitness , that obesity research be limited to studying the health of obese people rather than weight loss , and dieting for weight loss.
Check out www.naafa.org for the PROOF!
This group would have had more coverage and recognition, but they could not move their 'HoverRounds' from the Old Country Buffet.

It is a wide known fact that all members of the NAAFA are REQUIRED by the NAAFA bylaws to consume at LEAST 3 DFMB (Deep Fried Mars Bar) every 30 minutes.

Weezer was the official band of the NAAFA until the NAAFA realized that Weezer was actually a band and not a bunch of fat dudes attempting to get on stage.

by Fat People Suck February 09, 2006
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