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One who is of the black race, freakishly attractive, and has a rather large penis. Normally, other males such as cody, budddy (also know as james) and other losers tend to be jealous of the domminant beast. Shane bradley is an awsome guitar player who gave some well known guitar players lessons..such as : Rage against the machines, coheed and cambria, weezer, nirvana, MCR, and many more. shanes lessons normally begin with him warming up, by playing the entire song "Welcome Home" with his toes.. This tends to relax his muscles.. Also, to relax his "mind" cody's mom gives him face in the back of her school bus..........ps hes a damn good skater to..some times the ladies see him as a god like figure. maybe in the near future there maybe a religion called Shane-is-Awsome-ism.
Shane bradley is a Very Awsome Guy a Guitar God, a Person Thats better than you, a God, Chuck norris's hero, Alana's an ape, Buddy has herpes, bus 35, and a Reli awsome guy who gets all the play and chicks wanna attack him and give him face at the sight of.
by Fan of shane bradley April 07, 2008

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