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An American kid who listens to UK punk rock and decides to fake their life around it. They usually go around their high school sporting a Union Jack on their jacket and saying, "Anarchy in the UK!" before heading home and pleasuring themselves to the large Union Jack hanging in their disgusting room. They grin stupidly when given the chance to slip in some "Brit Slang" like cheerio or wanker. Generally they're the most uncultured people around and have never met anyone from the UK let alone been there. They cling onto a culture they've only seen on TV and heard through the headphones "mummy dearest" gave them.
UK Fake: "Hey man, have you ever heard of the Adicts?"

Real person: "Yeah I have actually, they throw an awesome show."

UK Fake: "Oh, I bet. I wanna go sooo bad but my mom's a wanker and won't give me the money."

Real Person: "Name one of them."

UK Fake: "Ugh, well there's... I gotta go, cheerio!"

Real Person #2: "Fuck that UK Fake, has anyone ever told him he looks like a dick wearing that flag?"
by Fallen Idol April 07, 2009
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