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Awesome Foursome:
Fahmi on Kelvin on Vicary on Bernard.
This weird yet highly gay mating ritual takes place every time the Fahmi gets horny over the Kelvin; which is actually everyday. The sex that goes on between these four fags is remarkable as all have penises on their heads; often attracting the collective nickname "A bunch of dickheads". They mate and the product is a combination of Fahmi Kelvin and Bernard whilst vicary is only there for sexual stimulation.
One day Bernard, Fahmi, Kelvin and Vicary were riding a donkey near Osama's donkey ranch. Upon riding past a bunch of dirty arabs attempting to bomb some place in the name of Allah; the dirtiest most arabest one muttered something and all the Arabs laughed. 1 km later; Fahmi and Bernard (after mating on that very donkey) came off and looked at the donkey's ass (not another one of their weird mating rituals however); vicary noticed the two fags looking at the donkey's ass and questioned them. "Why are you looking at that donkey's asshole" she said, he mouth dripping with saliva as she saw Bernards 1mm erect penis. "Why love', he replied; equally as horny over her massive whale boobs "as we passed those sexy arabs I heard one of them murmur: "Look at those 4 assholes on that donkey".
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