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Fabulous Moulah. A young up & coming rapper from the streets of Harlem, New York City. Since age 6, he's been living his lifestyle lavishly, from the jigga'd out kicks, to the most expensive drapes. Only 20 years of age, he looks to make a deep impact on the Rap/Hip-Hop/Music game/industry. Small for his stature, weighting in at only 5'3" 110lbs. he is always told he doesn't appear to be, what most adolescents his age is, which he always takes in as motivation, as he likes to look at it as 'Being different from everybody else.'

He is of African-American descent, with just a splash of Cherokee Indian running through his veins. He lists musicians/entertainers such as Fabolous, Lloyd Banks, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Diddy as his influences when he's making music.
Fabulous Moulah
by Fabulous Moulah April 22, 2009

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