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An individual that spends more time at their town's square than they do at their own home or at places of greater entertainment value. Often, a square rat will shout insults or jabs at passers by to reinforce their own self esteem. A square rat is not a good person.
Person A: "Man, the other the day, that kid who hangs out at the square all day started calling me a fag!"

Person B: "Yeah, he's just a square rat. Don't worry about him"
by Evergreen Tiger December 01, 2011
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Referring to something extremely satisfying, incredibly awesome, or anything impressive. Derived from the abbreviation for bad-ass "BA" since that's the sound a sheep makes.
Example A: "Dude, that back flip was so sheep!"

Example B: "Holy cow, that is one sheep hat brother!"
by Evergreen Tiger December 08, 2011
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