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the most pointless topic to talk about to another gamer. most of it consists of Nintendo fanboys vs. Sony fanboys arguing over whether the PSP or the DS are better, or any console for that matter.
Nintendo Fanboy: DS = teh roxx
Sony Fanboy: PSP > DS
Nintendo Fanboy: THE HELL U SAY BITCH!!?
Me: u guys fail. console wars suck
by Evan Kuhlmey September 24, 2005

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a website where you can create web pages that either have a still image or a looping gif, and a looping sound (mp3 or wav). The site itself isnt as great as newgrounds or anything, but its pretty good anyways. When a really cool or funny ytmnd page is created, sometimes it will start something known as a "fad". Some fads last as long as a year, or else they might only last a few days or weeks. The site has been running strong since 2001, and there are over 114,000 ytmnd pages already.
Fad 1: oh OH O Oh oh ohhh auauauaohhohh OHHH
Fad 3: What is love!? baby dont hurt me...
*YTMND is down for maintainence*
by Evan Kuhlmey October 09, 2005

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