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LBR stands for "lets be real" created in 2004/2005 originally by a Mr. Andy Lee at UMBC. This phrase was later shortened to "LBR" by two of Andy's peers, Evan Groth and Hope Klein. Documented evidence of this phrase's creation can be found in an old photograph hung in Evan's room of Andy's arm clearly depicting a custom made bracelet stating: "Let's be real."

Don't get it twisted.
LBR guys, DC clubbing has been over for years, let's move to NYC.

LBR, Evan got sick of a thousand different mos claiming they created LBR so he filed for this entry.

LBR, we created the acronym.

LBR, LBR is old, steal some new shit! And PS, as for "LJS" ... LJS creativity is free, even you can afford it, so... you know... go get some, girl(s).
by Evan Groth March 02, 2007
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