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1.) Any nice girl who will make friends with just about anybody and is very fun to be around in general.
2.) An intelligent girl that mispronounces words, but the way she does it is cute, so you let her keep saying it that way.
3.) A girl that thinks she can drink anybody under the table, but in reality she will always pass out first!

1.) That chick is such a margo, she flirts with everyone... must be cuz she knows she's got some nice margos
2.) She margo'd that one up... the ninja turtles didn't jump down a manho, and that dog doesn't have a bit of husty in him.
3.) That margo just hit the floor...after only 3 shots of Sailor Jerry.
by Etinerub naV April 15, 2008
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A retail store that pot heads, crack addicts, thieves, emo kids, little old ladies, and DVD rental stores that went out of business go to sell stolen stuff, because hastings buys used books, DVDs, and CDs.
A retail store that drug users, thieves, emo kids little old ladies go to sell stolen stuff, because hastings buys used books, DVDs, and CDs.
GSA : "How's it goin'? Thanks for comin' to hastings!"
Customer : "I got some stuff I want to sell you guys."
GSA : "OK, Lets see what you've got here...Ma'am are you sure that you want to get rid of all 27 copies you own of Tremors 4 and this Jessica Simpson CD?"
Customer : "Yes, and I need whatever I can get in cash, because" (...this is where said customer explains for 3-5 minutes why they need to sell so many copies of the same item. Why they need the money. The reason they will be in next week with 20 more copies of some other movie that nobody wants to watch.)
by Etinerub Nav April 15, 2008
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