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AKA; Robert, Robby, Robbie, Bob, Bobbie, Bobby, Bobo, Robin, Bert, Dobby, Roberta, Bertha.

Since Rob can be called by many different names it is hard to be able to know what the person is like.

More or less, he/she will search for his/her own source of originailty. It is important to this person for others not to confuse him/ger with somebody else (ie: That's our Robin! No one else like him!)

Usually, someone with the name is excellent at dealing with large amounts of stress and can be an excellent friend when times are tough for others.

Most of the time, those with names such as Rob, Robby/Robbie, and Bobby/Bobbie are more artisitic with a sense of humour while those names Robert, Bert, and Bob show a more intellictual side and become more serious.

Each one is all around a great person, they can be stubbron at times but they are very forgiving.
Why did I write this? Well, since my boyfriend's name is Rob, my father's name is Bert, my best friend's name is Robin, my grandfather's name is Robert and my next door neighbour's name is Bobbie, I feel like I had a pretty good opinion on the name :)
by Eternal Sunshine January 03, 2005

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