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A trash app that teachers can post O N L I N E W O R K. It is even more stressful for students because they can out of nowhere see a assignment notification and get pressured. ALSO, Make sure to rate google classroom 1 Star on the App Store! Thanks!
Ugh the teacher assigned more work on Google Classroom
Ik it sucks can we like have a break or something for gosh sakes??
by EtanYT April 11, 2020

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A YouTuber that makes clickbait videos and always makes sure the video hits the 10 minute mark. He scripts all of his videos to make more money. He makes try not to laugh videos on Team Forknife and when the video hits 10 minutes he just laughs at something not funny to end the video. He makes shadical “rage” and “trolls” his friends in “public” matches.
Shadical more like badical!
Make sure to subscribe to MrTop5 or you will have bad luck for 5 years!
by EtanYT April 10, 2020

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A lost city that has never been found, but may be located in The Eye of Africa. Atlantis was a city that sunk underwater thousands of years ago. We still don’t know 100% where Atlantis might be, but we will find it eventually.
The lost city of Atlantis is a Underwater lost city
by EtanYT April 11, 2020

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Corona Moms are moms that make sure to Hand sanitize everything. If amazon sends a package, they wipe it with Clorox wipes and hand sanitize it. They only go through drive thru’s, won’t go out to eat, and make sure to have a 0% chance of getting sick.
Hey look it’s a group of Corona Moms!
If you go near them, you will regret it!
I’m going over there!
Yeah I regret getting sanitized and wiped off.
by EtanYT April 11, 2020

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An Apple pencil is a electronic pencil that sells around $129.99. The apple pencil only works on iPad Pro 2019, iPad Pro 2020, and the iPad Pro 2018. The apple pencil charges on the side of your iPad, and connects by tapping the screen with the apple pencil when its charged.
Im going to make a drawing with my Apple Pencil!
Good luck dude!
by EtanYT April 11, 2020

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What do you expect? Your on the website right now. Urban dictionary is a website where you can post your own definitions for people to see. It’s basically a public dictionary. Now go find some useful definitions!
What does LOL mean?
Idk check Urban Dictionary
Okay thanks!
by EtanYT April 11, 2020

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GoNoodle Brain Breaks are videos you would play on your teachers smart board in 3rd grade. GoNoodle is a website that has people dancing and you have to repeat what they do. After completing a assignment or doing good in class, the whole class would do a Brain Break. Then you would just sit back down after and do more work or go to lunch and recess.
Okay Class time to do a GoNoodle Brain Break!
Brain break time!!
by EtanYT April 11, 2020

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