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Madalyn is a tiny bit crazy. Her laugh is infectious and can change at random intervals, making it sound like she's a completely different person. Madalyn's usually have dark brown hair and can sometimes have multi-coloured eyes. She is kinda cute and lovable, but if you cross her the wrong way, you can bet that you'll be out of her life. Madalyn is usually short and surrounded by tall friends who love to pick on her. Although she loves to be happy, she has a short temper and tries her best to control it. She can become a nervous wreck easily and absolutely hates it, wishing that she wasn't so nervous all the time. If you become friends with a Madalyn, then you have a friend for life. She doesn't like to give up friends and when people walk out of her life, she feels helpless as she wishes for them to come back but stay away at the same time. Madalyn is extremely loyal and tries her best to make others happy, even when she isn't.
If you date a Madalyn, then consider her as someone who will stick by you for life. When she finds the one, she will stick by them, trying not to let go. Even if you do lose her, she will try to continue being a friend, not wanting to lose another friend.
Friend 1: Have you finished the homework?
Friend 2: Homework? We have homework?
Friend 1: Well, it looks like we're going to ask Madalyn for help.
by Espanyolo July 24, 2018

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