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In RL you can give out paragon points as recognition for
A.) Acting like a bitch
B.) Caking
C.) Deciding to dip out on fun for responsibilities

In the xbox 360 game mass effect, paragon points are given to the player after they:
A.) Act like a pussy
B.) Skip badass cinematic because they don't want to kill anyone
C.) Release a deadly acid spitting alien into the galaxy because they're fucking retarded
Scott: "Hey Seb, you gonna party with us tonight?"

Seb: "Sorry guys I think I'm going to study for that chem exam tomorrow instead of drinking until i black out naked in the lawn"

Scott: "What a bitch"

Eric: "Two paragon points you pussy piece of shit!" (yelling at Seb)


Jason: "Dude! MSI is playing in the city you should totally dip out on work and come with us!"

Fletcher: "Ah shit! I would, but I got work and the manager might be upset with me if I called in on such short of notice."

Jason: "...way to be a tool, paragon points lame ass"
by Eric Holocaust February 11, 2008

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