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Strolling: v. Internet Lingo. Somewhere between stalking and trolling on a message board. The act of creepily following a member of the opposite sex around a message board. Strolling often includes bumping their ATTN: threads as soon as they log onto the message board, posting 30 seconds or less after they post in a thread, and abuse of private messages. Strolling differs from trolling because you actually like the person you are strolling. Strolling differs from stalking because it stays on the message board, and no attempt to actually have physical contact is made.

Variations: stroll, stroller, strolled, strollee, rickstrolled, among others.

*NOTE: this tactic has been perfected by drunknloaded, Walls1441 and ReceiveDeath/Airbag of the NCSU Message Board thewolfweb.com
drunknloaded just bumped 5 ATTN:<Insert semi-cute internet girl's name here> threads. He is strolling her hard.

<Insert semi-cute internet girl's name here> just got rickstrolled.
by Eric, aka djeternal August 11, 2008

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