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Something inflation renders irrelevant.
Woman 1: I found a penny!

Woman 2: The government is now in debt!
by Enrique Wilson February 21, 2015

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When one chooses to become romantically involved with someone who is not as impressive, but just as simple to be with, as the best available because it's easier.
A person who is looking out for herself should never settle out of spite, but perhaps can playfully think it.
by Enrique Wilson March 15, 2015

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Two people, usually at young ages, who test each other with romantic advances and have sexual feelings for each other, but don't actually commit to each other.
I was your love interest, and it was interesting.
by Enrique Wilson February 28, 2015

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Someone who knows you, has had communications with you, and who inspires you to live pleasantly.
My companion is my wife.
by Enrique Wilson March 16, 2015

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Accept you were better in the situation you two had together.
I forgive you, friend, because I don't care anymore.
by Enrique Wilson February 28, 2015

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Used to describe someone who is dealing with a lot of emotional turmoil and cannot focus on the correct path enough to follow it.
She cannot call me to tell me she misses me because she is distracted with problems in the real world.
by Enrique Wilson February 28, 2015

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A term used to appreciate that certain situations, while the fault of someone or some group, was perhaps destiny.
Life happened and everyone moved on.
by Enrique Wilson March 03, 2015

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