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The countries with culture that have been heavily influenced by the musician Kanye West.
"Did Terry ever take that trip to Beijing?"
"No, she heard Kanye was releasing a new album so she decided to stay in the Western World."
by Enirith April 04, 2015

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The Chinese, famously, exclusively wear sandals. Therefore, to tie the Chinese shoelace is to do the impossible.
"Can you believe that the team is making a comeback?"
"Yeah! We're really tying the Chinese shoelace!"
by Enirith May 04, 2016

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This is the name given to Barack Obama by those whom believe his Muslim background and hatred for America will inspire jihadists and result in a terrorist attack akin to 9/11 disaster.
"Hey, did you hear about ISIS on the news today?"

"What does it matter? Our dictator Blowbama is going to help them destroy this country, anyway."
by Enirith April 10, 2015

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