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French stripper who stole one of Bob's kidneys in "Bob's Week in France Part 3". Also claims he "loves" Bob and says he has "a big willy". Disguised himself as a twig in "Awards".

A physical reincarnation of the Gods, the spirit of the planet manifested in human form.

As Kevin Sucilan controls the elements and is tasked with keeping the world at peace.
Kevin sucilan's character was developed from an age-old interpretation. The sketch depicted a middle-aged handsome boy. Religions evolved the character into a picture of a divine being. People have the assumption of turning unto him for guidance and assistance; descripting him as a saviour.

There's beautiful guy along with his disciples trapped in an endless convo ...and maybe some presumptuous people are up to join them...
by Emperor Marcus Aurelius July 08, 2009
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