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Right now, has a population of 1 million, including the surrounding areas.
Is home to the federal government of Canada, and therefore provides many jobs within that sector.

Many important building are located within the city including:

-24 Sussex Drive, the home of the presiding Prime Minister
-the governer general's house: the home of the presiding representative of the queen in canada
-the Parliament Buildings: where federal business is conducted, contains house of commons and senate

Famous festivals include:
-Winterlude: otherwise known as "La Balle de Neige" the festival that lasts 3 weeks in february, celebrating winter
-the Tulip Festival: commemorating the gift of tulips from the Netherlands in thanks for the safeguarding of their royal family during the second world war.

In all, Ottawa is a very pleasant city, with the perfect balance between a metropolitan atmosphere and the pleasance and ease of a small town. It is both a great place to live and visit.
The city of Ottawa provides a home to many and represents the people of Canada through the federal government, situated here in the capital.
by Ellie-Madeleine March 16, 2011

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