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(Talking to the UD Jews)

I should be a spy and dedicate my life to the NWO. There is just no reason for me to do good things for others. I’d cut a deal with the Jews and act as a spy.

Yeah of course I think Joe Biden is still a scumbag though. But he is a very clever and genius scumbag.
You know what I should do?

I am only here to help the New World Order and advance myself and nothing more.
by Eliteshadow 2 April 21, 2021
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Story of a Girl by Nine Days. When I was in school every day when I would wake up in the morning they would play that stupid song a lot. It was a really stupid song, they never even had a hit ever since...
by Eliteshadow 2 November 22, 2020
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When a girl really, really, REALLY likes you. 👍
Girl: Mmmn. You want my butthole? *Pulls down panties*
by Eliteshadow 2 November 28, 2020
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When Zarathustra arrived at the edge of the forest, he came upon a town. Many people had gathered there in the marketplace to see a tightrope walker who had promised a performance. The crowd, believing that Zarathustra was the ringmaster come to introduce the tightrope walker, gathered around to listen. And Zarathustra spoke to the people:
by Eliteshadow 2 January 01, 2021
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