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A little working class city that is South of Atlanta.
McDonough is experiencing a lot of growth.
by Eliteshadow 2 November 23, 2020
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My favorite part of the USA, along with the South, then the Northeast at #3 and #4 is the West. :(
The Midwest, the Heartland is the soul of the USA.
by Eliteshadow 2 November 16, 2020
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Mitsubishi‘s suck. I’m sorry but they are just the worst. I can’t be bothered by them in 2021. They have never lived up to their names and I don’t find many people that are fans of them. And their vehicles have a feeling of cheapness to them.
That pile of crap car on the side of the road is a Mitsubishi
by Eliteshadow 2 January 25, 2021
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The supreme deity of all secret society satanists. Being devoted to Molech is committing evil, just so you can.

I can admit the conspiracy to normal people and never be tried for it. They will just think you’re joking. Or crazy. Or both.
I’m a blood-drinking Molech worshipper. I’m the Devil in disguise.
by Eliteshadow 2 April 21, 2021
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(Talking to the UD Jews)

She has smoked for most of her life. I don’t know if there is anything out there that can ward off cancer or even cure it or something. I’d still like my mom to be around and live a long life. But I think cigarette smoking is ruining her health...

She is trying to get off cigarette smoking but I am worried if it is too late...
My mom probably doesn’t have long to live
by Eliteshadow 2 March 12, 2021
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Someone or something that is slightly fascinating due to strangeness, being unusual and/or due to a lack of familiarity.
Outer Space is a very mysterious place.
by Eliteshadow 2 June 29, 2021
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