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The act of laying saran wrap or tinfoil on someone's chest, slicing it side ways, and then taking a huge dump on the area. After you finish this heroric deed, you must peel off the saran wrap or tinfoil. The end result will show that the receiver looks like she/he got grilled like an Alberta Steak. Mmmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmmm!!!
Yo, my homie Ryan McBain don't put up with no mess. He straight up took that trick back to his pad and gave her a nice Alberta Steak, son!
by Eli Manning aka Easy E February 15, 2008

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This is when the guy is banging a girl doggy style. He then pulls out and shoots a Peter North type load over her ass. Presto!! Honey Buns are served!!
Justin: Where did Ryan McBain go after the party?
John: Oh, he took Trish back to his pad. Straight up fixed her up some Honey Buns.
John: Word?
John: Yep. He had enough for a baker's dozen I heard.
by Eli Manning aka Easy E April 30, 2008

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