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generally refers to a subcompact car, often featuring a hatchback and bought at a low price. similar to a beater car, a hoopty, a bucket, etc but probably in a more endearing way.
"I got this little putt putt for $300 from a friend"

examples of a putt putt include: classic volkswagen beetle, geo metro, mini cooper, honda crx, amc gremlin, chevy aveo, chevy vega, ford pinto, chevy chevette.
by El Valle June 30, 2009
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play on words from the holiday cinco de mayo where the mexican town of puebla won a military victory over french forces. a relatively insignificant holiday to mexicans, especially in comparison to the day of mexican independence where there is much more emphasis and celebration among mexican communities in the united states. Cinco de Mayo, in short, merely acts as another holiday where people can party and get drunk. White people seem to like the holiday more than mexican immigrant families do, hence the name.
Can also be called Cinco de Drinko.
Charlie: Yeah, cinco de mayo let's party
José: güerro, we don't celebrate that
Charlie: Whatever, I'm gonna party and get smashed tonight
José: Just go celebrate Cinco de Gringo already
by El Valle April 18, 2008
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the act of three passengers occupying the front bench seats of a truck, even when there are clearly 2-3 more seats in the back.

term is derived from the observation that Mexicans will often all sit in the front with each other, leaving the back seat clearly vacant, probably so one person is not left to be a loner in the back seat.

Nothing against Mexicans, purely observational. I'm Salvadorean, and probably have more Mexican friends than Salvadoreans.
"So there's just three of us? Alright we're going Mexican"
by El Valle June 25, 2009
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