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Emo Kids are becomming the centerpiece of pop-culture today. They took Punk and Goth idealisms, watered them down and then removed the DIY self satisfaction. Attention starved brats, Emo kids often fake depression for attention. While this practice has been around for generations amongst the worlds youth, never has it been so rampant and glorified as it is with today emo kids. In their ongoing attempts to get attention from their friends and peers, Emo Kids often embelish their problems or antagonize situations in their own lives in order to paint a more vibrant picture of why they think their lives suck. Emo Kids often try to form a feeling of individuality by alienating those who do no wear things that they wear, shop at places they shop and listen to what they listen to. When this so called "individuallity" is attacked or threatened in any way, Emo Kids go on the deffensive and claim that people don't understand them. To try and give advice to an emo kid is not unlike talking to a brick wall... the difference is that the brick wall will take your advice in silence, whereas the emo kid will make a big deal about it, over analyze it, criticize it and then dispose of any advice givin all while not taking the time to actually think about the advice in the first place. Doomed to refuse help from everyone, and then wonder why nobody is there in the end. Sticking primarily to their own, Emo Kids are incredibally clique-y. Said cliquiness is the result of an overly ambitious drive for indiviuality, caused by a drastic need for attention. To surmise: Emo Kids are, by and by, just a bunch of poseurs. They have managed to create an entire sub-culture built apon not thinking for themselves and competing for attention through means such as cutting, suicide threats, fake bi-sexuality, glorified drug and alchohol use and depressing attitudes.
Is the definition of Emo Kid not a good enough example?
by El Roman Diablo November 10, 2005
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