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One of the most popular bands of all-time. The accessibility of their music is often mistaken for them being a pop or boy-band. The first official release, 'Hybrid Theory', established a much-copied rap-metal sound, then unique to the band. Their next release, 'Reanimation', lost the band several fans; people who could simply not comprehend the fact that a band can re-interpret their songs, and use hip-hop & electronica to do so. The third album, 'Meteora', managed to come somewhat close to the raw power created in the first, but with overall more chilled, melodic vibes. The fourth LP is seen as the 'sell-out' CD, in which the band collaborated with hip-hop star Jay-z, literally saying 'here we are, MTV. We offer you our backsides.' Many believe that the band can recover from this error, but we'll have to wait till 2006 ends for that.......
'I really liked Linkin Park, up until that project with Jay-z. That killed them'.
'Well, there's always the future........'
by El B February 10, 2006

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