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Pretty much the absolutely the most terrible movie made in the last thirty years, and that's saying a lot because Troll 2 was made in the last thirty years, and up until that point it was one of the worst movies ever. The movie wasn't so bad, until about the point where Peter got the black suit (which was done entirely wrong) and started getting all emo and shit. The moment that broke my heart was when he saw his hair being normal, then made it do the emo swoop. GOD. But ultimately, the scene that actually brought the movie to the lowest of the low was the one where he's dancing in the street and givin' the ladies sexy looks (gets a suit; thrusts; thrusts; thrusts; thrusts; leaves). Not far behind is the scene where he's suddenly all jazzy and shit on the piano. Also, Venom sucked ass, and didn't have much of a tongue.

This is part of a disturbing trend seen in the last 5 years in the movie industry. Overall, 75% of the movies made in this time have been one of the following: sequels, remakes, adaptations from books or comic books, or prequels. This movie fills at least two of the above categories.

Sammy boy, you didn't used to suck... why do this to Spider-man?
Peter dances down street
Peter acts all kinds of emo
Peter gets all jazzy and whatnot in his piano number
Peter thrusts for way to long in public
Topher Grace is Eddie Brock'
Spider-man 1 < Spider-man 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Spider-man 3
by Edgar Twenty-five December 03, 2007

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