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A punk ass fool who is (as the Great Eazy-E Said) Once a BITCH always a BITCH always will be a BITCH and i Put That On God!

A punk fool who thinks his records rhyme and are tight but they aint shit compared to reall muthaphukkin g's
(Eazy-E) Hey Mister prankster prankster
Story book gangster
Back in 86 you wore pumps and masscara
Down did the motherfuckin wreckin crew bid
But once a bitch always a bitch
And now the fuckin switch
Fag with a steathoscope now you sag
Body slammn bitches makes Dr. Dre a bigger man.
Cackies sportin loc's in a G ride
What set you from loc what set you from ride?
Rip Vanwinkle sleepin nigga woke up and became a G
by Eazy's Messenger June 04, 2009
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