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For a short definition of the topic, Jacob is Gay. Everything about this boy is gay. His favorite food is cock and his favorite sport is riding "bicycles". Jacob is gay
Jacob: Hey big boy
Girl: Hey
Jacob: I'm Gay
Girl: Melts into puddle from incredible gayness

Jacob is Gay
by Dylan'sFriend October 16, 2019

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Andre, the one kid who's always hitting on boys, and trying to molest them in their rooms. What a Fag
Boy: Andre! What are you doing in my room!?

Andre: You're my pet now! Now suck that shit!

Andre is gay
by Dylan'sFriend October 11, 2019

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You probably know a Mitchell, if you don't, well, Lucky you. Is he Flirting? Joking? Sexting? Who knows. But the thing that we do know is that he likes to eat Cock like he would eat ice cream.
Mitchell: Hey Cutie, wanna fuck
Boy: No, wtf Mitchell
Mitchell: Bro I was joking (Wasn't Joking)

MItchell is gay
by Dylan'sFriend October 15, 2019

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