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Prepared hand-held food spilled from a wrapper while being eaten. (popularized by "Man v. Food" television host Adam Richman)
"Leaning forward against the counter on your elbows while eating an Italian beef sandwich means that schmeckus falling from the wrapper hits the counter or floor and not you."

by Dwight Atkinson December 27, 2008
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A deceptive software demonstration downplaying the slowness or difficulty of actual operation with phrases like "isn't this great?" "You can do this!" "Almost realtime rendering!"
The seller uses oleaginous phrases and a kidstuff demonstration, leading the victim to falsely believe that the same stupendous calculation speed occurs with an elaborate detailed model of a hospital or the complex spreadsheet of an international corporation.
"Dang! They got me believing that my hotel project would render as fast as their little 3D house model. What a lie! I'm a fool! It was an Introsuction!"
by Dwight Atkinson January 25, 2009
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1: A condom broken during intercourse. "A 'buster'."

1: An unplanned child caused by a broken condom: "A 'buster'."

2: An epithet offensively suggesting a person is an unwanted person.

This is old usage - from the 1950's. like when i was born… hmmmm.
"Hey, buster, you wanna move your car?"

"Jenni and i got a buster last night."
by Dwight Atkinson March 15, 2009
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Outdoorsy combative homosexual fun while camping.
Inspired by Brokeback Mountain: When Ennis and Jack wrestled, fought and made love in the tent, that was Basecamping.
by Dwight Atkinson March 10, 2009
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