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Canyon hill aka नीला दैत्य (blue demon) is the demon god of resentment, self hatred, and omnipotence. He’s a fictional god created by Komori Uchiha and is also his mascot.
by Dvrkie May 16, 2021
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To pull up with a toilet means to fight someone one on one, to say “Pull up with a plunger” means to jump someone or fight in a group
by Dvrkie March 21, 2021
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1. A sign of victory or dominance over an opposition after conquering them with ease

2. It can also be used to emphasize pain, for example: stubbing your toe and doing the randy orton bird arms
by Dvrkie November 22, 2020
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87hieiii is a 16 year old florida rapper who formerly went under the names, sadayce, and Y$N Ace. He is devoted to make his music darker and more meaningful with boom bap beats and trap metal that’ll make your ears literally bleed.
87hieiii is fucking dope
by Dvrkie June 25, 2020
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