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Start by having your girl sitting on the bed. Sit in front of her and begin kissing her very slowly. Turn it into a make out session. While you are making out with her, slowly start to remove her clothes in a sexual way. When she is only in a bra and panties, tease her by tracing your fingertips all over her thighs. Do this until she is begging and begging for you. Keep teasing her. When you think she can not possibly handle any more teasing, start kissing her again. After kissing her on the lips, move down and start kissing her neck. Then move down across her stomach. Slowly start kissing all over the inside of her thighs. By now she is begging and begging for you to start. Now, slowly remove her panties. Place your mouth over her pussy and start kissing her like you would on her lips. Do this for a while. When she starts moaning, you can start sticking your tounge down in. By now she is probably screaming in pleasure. When she comes, get it all over your hands and spread it all over her stomach while she relaxes. Then get back down and start eating her out again. Now slowly stick your tounge down in as deep as you can and swirl it around for a few seconds. Now you might want to keep her legs in place because by now she is probably squirming in pleasure. When she reaches orgasm a few times, you know you’re done. If you do this right, you’ll have her doing whatever you want.
Zoey walked in and Jake was eating out Katie
Katie: Jake can you please eat me out
Jake: Sure baby you didn’t even have to ask
Jake: MMMMMM your pussy tastes so good
by Dvbfr August 16, 2018

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