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n. A woman who has an absurd amount of sexual intercourse.

v. The appearance of having a loose vaginal canal.

(i.e. harlot, lady of the night, lady in red, prostitute, whore, skank, slut, slag, ho, bimbo, call girl, concubine, tramp, street walker, nymphomaniac, nympho, floozy, wench, party girl, hooker, midnight cowgirl, loose woman, anal astronaut, hostess, workin' girl, tart, strumpet, scarlet woman, lady of pleasure, yes girl, pink pants, trollop, trollop with a scollop, fallen woman, tootsie, jezzebel, hussy, hustler, playgirl, chippy, fuck friend, etc.)
Man 1: Look at that beautiful woman standing by the pool.

Man 2: Yeah, I'm not sure, but I think she's a rusty.

Man 1: What do you mean?

Man 2: Well, I mean she'll fuck anything that moves, including her dog. I had a round with her a few years back and I contracted herpes and leperacy.

Man 1: Do you think a man like me would have a chance with a girl like her?
by Dustin and Arik July 30, 2006
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