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A evil dragon that prayed on young village in the middle ages of china. Many believe that its intelligence was from its black hair. Sir Sean Edwards slayed the beast and cast it down into the firey abyss. Later Andrew (a lvl 36 warlock) battled with sean for killing his beast using his staff of Fojordian with a Devon trapped in it. Sean killed him by rollinga stone on his head. Kurtis came on later and fought with sean Kurtis was a lvl 0. 1567264 warlock and used his slap on Sean. Sean summoned edric from his grace using the key of Alsgcabeth and slayed kurtis, because kurtis use the jakunod of Game nerds 1 and 2 (mike and anthony. Sean slayed kurtis using pound with the hammer of dillan(the under ground(bridges too!) guardian. Edric and devon got married.( and had a kid named alyssa) who was g-hettoish
micheal was killed by a edric
by Dunoi March 24, 2006
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