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Saam is the kind of guy you want to be. He's 6 foot 7 inches tall and apart of notorious street gang known as the "Bloods". He is also known to be packin' the biggest cock that even make the men on BLACKED.com jealous. He usually tends to be seen hanging out at 18+ parties, in school staff rooms, or staff female toilets. He also tends to hang back after class in classes when a female teacher offers him a "helping hand" with his studies. This guy knows every trick in the book to pull chicks and is just an all-round sex-machine. He's well known for going for chick above his age group (18 - 30 years old) specifically the English teachers in his school but more commonly the Digital Visual Communication teachers which can be seen with a bit of jizz on heir faces as they exit the class while walking side to side. He always dominates anyone who he's up against in a fight which is regularly staged around the turf at lunch, but people don’t even show up as their all too scared to face him. If this guy takes you under his wing, you are so fucking lucky! He's superb at Fortnite dances, drinking, ripping fat hits on the bong, and fucking chicks at the wildest parties while he's crossfaded. He likes to contribute to his schools reputation by beig apart of the premiere rugby and rowig team. If you see him out in public, just give him a blowjob (not if you're a man). Just do it, you won't regret it!
Hot Chick 1: "OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! Is that a Saam over there doing Fortnite dances?"
Hot Chick 2: "Holy shit! guys that can do Fortnite dances always have the biggest cocks!
Hot Chick 1: "Let's go and see if he can fuck us! my pussy is dripping as much as Niagara Falls just by looking at him"
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by DumbDumbWantGumGum June 17, 2020

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A medical condition found only in males that consists of the growth hormones in their body to go directly to their penis rather than to their height. The increase of length in their penis is so severe it can be classified as a "third leg" or a "tripod".
Hot chick 1: "Look at that kid over there, he seems pretty short"
Hot chick 2: "Yeah but I've heard he's been diagnosed with Mosadeghi"
Hot chick 1: "Oh fuck that means he'll have a massive fucking cock if he's that short"
by DumbDumbWantGumGum March 10, 2020

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Kaleb Mills is the type of guy that is so short, even when he's 18 he will be able to blend in seamlessly into a crowd of people half his age. Doctors and other medical professionals are unsure what has stunted Kaleb's growth but one thing is known for sure, his penis doesn't compensate for anything. He also has a very weak knowledge of cars and is unable to reach the steering wheel. He can be seen usually sitting in his baby seat at the back of his mums car.
Dude 1: "Is that Kaleb Mills there?"
Dude 2: "I can't tell because there's a crowd of years 9's"
Dude 1: "Fuck me man, why is that cunt so short?"
Dude 2: "I know right, what a loser!"
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by DumbDumbWantGumGum March 14, 2020

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