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JAWWAG / JAW WAG / JAWAG / J.A.W. W.A.G./ J.A.W. W.A.A.G. stands for:

Just Another Whiteboy Witha Asian Girlfriend


Just Another Whitey With An Asian Girlfriend

While in rare cases, the JAWWAG is simply a product of a stereotype-free cross-cultural relationship, JAWWAGs predominately lack courtship/social skills and therefore seek relationships based on Orientalist stereotypes concerning Asian women.

There are multiple sub-species of JAWWAGs.

The Domestic Vanilla JAWWAG (DV JAWWAG) is relatively normal by dating standards. However, possible due to exposure to action films based the Vietnam War (ex. Full Metal Jacket), he has a deep-seated belief that Asian women are oversexed, submissive servants and domestic prizes.

Look for him in the office or at the local Starbucks subconsciously honing in on Asian women.

The Anime/ Mail-order JAWWAG (AM JAWWAG). The Anime JAWWAG (an early form of the AM JAWWAG) is rejected by society at an early age and turns to nerd sub-cultures for solace. Exposure to Japanese animation, video games, and comics focuses his sexual frustration on Asian women. While Asian Americans can easily spot and flee from this predator, international visitors often fall prey to the early form of the AM JAWWAG.

Look for him at English as a Second Language (ESL) events, arcades, comic book stores, and trolling the internet.

The fully developed AM JAWWAG has lost even the most basic courtship skills and therefore must rely on commercial imports for companionship. The AM JAWWAG is surprisingly difficult to observe. His AG or wife is locked away in the home making him difficult to distinguish on the street from your average middle aged nerd.

If you can gain his trust, listen intently to stories on how American women are too liberated and other women-as-property fun facts.

The International JAWWAG or iJAWWAG is part of the dating and economic Diaspora. Unable to secure gainful employment or meaningful relationships domestically, he travels to the mystic Orient to secure women, fame and fortune. He exploits stereotypes of Westerners in his courtships, often gleefully soaking up even the most bizarre comparisons to white celebrities. He teaches English by day, parties hard at night, and has no interest in the domestic culture around him. He is a prince among men.

Look for him sweating heavily at the local nightclub and chastising locals from their inability to speak the universal language, American English.
"Yo, check out that JAWWAG." (often used when observing a awkward looking white man with an Asian woman)

"What a JAWWAG!" (overheard after drunken loser brags about his sex tourism exploits or how "all your bases are belong to Asian women" and "white women are the suck")

"I suspect he may be a JAWWAG." (remarked after a colleague explains why his new wife, who he met on vacation, won't make it to this or any other social gathering.)
by Dr. Occidental Playahater June 27, 2007
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