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Bitches Over Friends
"Fuck you nigga, you´re a real B.O.F"
by Dr. Ghetto October 25, 2006

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It´s a white person who feels and live like a black person because they have genes of a black parent, but they are only fenotipical white(or the color of the skin white); but their genotype (or the inside) it´s from a black person and they feel and think like a black, with the ghetto and the urban culture, usually they love rap and hip-hop, basketball and wearing loose cloathing. Sometimes they deserve to be a black person more than any other black guy.
Black person: Hey whigga quit rapping, you are White just like the snow.
Whigga: shut the f*** up as*h***, I not acting, I´m proud to be a whigga because my dad it´s more black than you.
by Dr. Ghetto August 21, 2007

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